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HeartScan: Heart Rate Monitor - Test

by Smart sensor lab

HeartScan is an AI-based app that helps you easily track your heart performance, from the...

HeartScan is an AI-based app that helps you easily track your heart performance, from the comfort of your own home. There is nothing more important to human health than the heart.Fortunately, with the HeartScan app, you can record and analyze your heart's SCG with just your smartphone.Seismocardiography (SCG) is a technique of measuring the vibrations produced by the beating heart, where those vibrations are recorded from the chest. HeartScan app uses your smartphone's embedded accelerometer and gyroscope to record your SCG. After the recording, the app uses advanced mathematical algorithms to analyze your SCG and extract information about your heart. Using the app is fast and easy. Simply lay flat on your back, otherwise known as the supine position, start the app, and place the phone on your chest. Wait 1 minute for the data to be collected and check the results right there onscreen.What does the app measure and present? • An SCG chart with all recorded cardiac cycles. A cardiac cycle is a full process from the beginning of one heartbeat to the beginning of the next. The length of time between successful heartbeats can vary by up to 20%, but if the differences are longer or erratic, you may need to investigate this further. • Heart rate. With the HeartScan app, you get a very accurate measure of the heart rate. This is much more meticulous than apps that rely on the phone's camera and finger for a pulse – it goes right to the "heart" of the matter. • Length of each recorded cardiac cycle. • Distribution of the lengths of all recorded cardiac cycles. • Combined cardiac cycle. • Clear signs of abnormalities that may need attention. You can save your measurements and view them later using the history section of the app so you can track your progress over time. IMPORTANT:THIS APPLICATION IS INTENDED TO BE USED BY ADULTSTHIS APPLICATION SHOULD NOT BE USED BY A PERSON WITH A PACEMAKERTHIS APPLICATION IS NOT FOR MEDICAL PURPOSESPLEASE REMEMBER THAT THE HEARTSCAN APP IS NOT A REPLACEMENT FOR THE PROFESSIONAL EXPERTISE OF A HEALTHCARE PROFESSIONAL. ITS PURPOSE IS TO MAKE YOU MORE AWARE OF YOUR HEART HEALTH. THE HEARTSCAN APP CAN NOT BE USED TO DIAGNOSE, TREAT, MITIGATE OR PREVENT ANY HEART DISEASE, CONDITION, SYMPTOM, OR DISORDER. IF YOU THINK YOU MAY HAVE A MEDICAL ISSUE, PLEASE SEEK ADVICE FROM AN APPROPRIATE HEALTHCARE PROFESSIONAL OR EMERGENCY SERVICES IMMEDIATELY.

30 Sep - 10 Oct

iOS 6.0 - 15.6.1